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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Girlfriend 2024

by Athena Lumière on January 28, 2024

A happy couple holding hands, surrounded by a display of flowers and gifts, capturing the joy and love of a Valentine's Day


It’s the yearly day dedicated to love where you get to express your affection to your girlfriend with special Valentine’s Day flowers, gifts, and treats. Every girlfriend looks forward to being spoiled with gifts on Valentine’s Day, so don’t disappoint her with a lame, heart-shaped box of chocolates, most of which consist of flavors nobody likes. Allow us to facilitate the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend from romantic flowers, delicious chocolate-covered candies and snacks, gourmet food baskets, unique plants, baked goods, and more. All of our Valentine’s Day gifts and flower bouquets are designed with romance in mind so you can express your love to your girlfriend and remind her how special she is to you this February 14th, 2024.   


What are the Best Valentine’s Gifts for Your Girlfriend?

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend are the ones that have special meaning. While a romantic bouquet of flowers is a Valentine’s Day staple, make it even more meaningful by sending a bouquet of flowers that symbolizes how you feel about where you are in your relationship. All flowers possess their own unique beauty, but different flowers each hold their own symbolism depending on their color. Check out the symbolic meaning of some of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers and colors so you can choose an ideal flower arrangement to express your feelings to your girlfriend in a personalized Valentine’s Day flower bouquet. Score some extra thoughtfulness points by including a sentimental message with an explanation of the flowers’ symbolism and how it relates to your relationship inside a romantic Valentine’s Day card.


  • Roses: Roses are the traditional symbol of romantic and passionate love, especially on Valentine’s Day. Red roses, in particular, are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend to express your love and passion for her and to let her know you are committed to your relationship. Similarly, pink roses are associated with feelings of happiness, grace, and elegance. Their sweet blush color evokes warm feelings of love that are ideal on their own or mixed within a bouquet of red roses. Choosing an elegant bouquet of pink roses for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is a romantic way to express the comfort and stability you feel within your relationship. 

Red Rose with gift box for Valentine's Day

  • Tulips: While roses are usually the go-to flower when it comes to Valentine’s Day bouquets, tulips are another romantic floral favorite due to their sweet fragrance and simple beauty. Throughout history, tulips have been a popular symbol of everlasting love and devotion. Since tulips are early springtime blooming flowers, they are also a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth. Tulips are a romantic choice to give as a gift to celebrate the beginning of your relationship, or even a new level your relationship has reached. Sending your girlfriend a Valentine’s Day bouquet of red tulips to reinforce your feelings of everlasting love. Perhaps if you’re in a newer relationship and aren’t ready to profess your undying devotion, a bouquet of pink tulips is also a perfectly appropriate and romantic flower choice. Pink tulips symbolize the confidence and happiness you feel about the future of your relationship with one another. Plus, you’ll get extra points for originality instead of going with the more obvious rose bouquet.

Red Tulips with gift box for Valentine's Day

  • Carnations: Carnations complete the trifecta of traditional Valentine’s Day flowers that are the most popular bouquets for gift giving. Carnations are a beautiful and versatile flower that comes in every color of the rainbow. Their simple elegance and ruffled petals blend beautifully with any of your other favorite flowers, giving perfect accents of color throughout your bouquet. We offer gorgeous Valentine’s Day carnation bouquets with combinations of roses, lilies, daisies, snapdragons, and more. Tailor your carnation bouquet to express your feelings for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Selecting a bouquet accented with red carnations symbolize love and admiration. Sprinkle in some pink carnations within your Valentine’s Day bouquet to represent both love and gratitude. Finish off your Valentine’s Day spray with white carnations to represent purity and luck as your relationship continues to grow, while purple carnations add a touch of fun with their representation of capriciousness and spontaneity that will keep your relationship fresh.

 Red Carnations with gift box for Valentine's Day


What Should You Buy Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

If you don’t want to travel the flower route for your girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift, or just want to add a bit more pizazz to go along with it, We have an incredible variety of unique Valentine’s Day gifts that your girlfriend is sure to appreciate. From gourmet food gift baskets, chocolate covered snacks and confections, baked creations, gourmet coffee, and spa gift baskets, you can create a stand-out Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend that she’ll be bragging about to all of her friends!

  • Gourmet food baskets: Why not surprise your girlfriend with a Valentine’s Day food gift basket filled with gourmet treats? Add your favorite bottle of wine, light some candles, and pretend you’re in wine country while you both enjoy an exquisite collection of fresh fruits, nuts, cheeses, crackers, jam and coffee. You can even spread out a blanket in front of the fireplace to make it like an intimate indoor picnic.

  • Baked treats: If your girlfriend has a sweet tooth, then indulge her   with a gift like cannoli with vanilla custard or chocolate almond croissant.

  • Chocolates: Everyone expects to receive chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift, but we offer more extravagant and decadent options than a traditional box of assorted candies for your girlfriend. If your girlfriend is expecting gold for Valentine’s Day, but a necklace is out of your price range, give her the next best thing with the Golden Tower of Godiva Chocolate It’s literally a tower of golden boxes, each filled with classic Godiva favorites like chocolate truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, almonds, and biscuits that will impress your girlfriend more than a basic box of chocolates.

  • Chocolate covered strawberries: Give the gift of chocolate with a more sophisticated and romantic twist with a box of chocolate covered strawberries. These large, juicy strawberries are each hand-dipped in luscious Belgian chocolate to create the perfect combination of natural sweetness and decadent indulgence. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a gift that pair perfectly with a glass of champagne or simply with a night of romance.     

  • Ladies Perfume Fragrance: Give the gift of an intoxicating women's Fragrance with a more sophisticated and romantic touch of Coco Chanel, Dior & D&G.                                                                                              

    Online Valentine’s Day Gift Delivery

    Create romance that reflects that special magic that is personal to you in your relationship this February 14th with uniquely personal Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers from Vancouver Red Rose. We make it easy and convenient to express how you feel with flowers and gifts that make special occasions more memorable. Order your gifts online early to ensure prompt delivery on Valentine’s Day as you celebrate your love together.

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