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Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is one of the most popular tropical flowers. You’ll often see them in larger arrangements as they exude a strong and graceful presence. They also make great additions to regular bouquets and arrangements, adding a tropical flair, and can also be planted and cultivated by those gifted with a green thumb.


Bird of paradise derives its name from the exotic and majestic male bird of paradise with long feathers and colorful shades native to South Africa. As a flower it is ideal for ornamental decorations. Whether it is a stunning tropical display or an exotic landscape piece, you can’t go wrong with this flower. These flowers are exceptional for cut bouquets and arrangements as they last for up to a week once cut. As a plant, the blooms open one by one and create an even more impressive flower as time passes. When your aesthetic requires drama, majesty or even a touch of funkiness, the bird of paradise is the perfect decoration.


  • Success and excellence
  • Royalty
  • Paradise
  • Optimism
  • 9th wedding anniversary
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Faithfulness


Success and excellence – Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of success and overcoming obstacles both in work place and in life in general. This flower is a great gift for someone who has just been promoted or graduated from college, or just to someone who you want to see successful. Bird of Paradise flower is unique and gorgeous and it is a perfect decorative piece for your home that is surely to bring some positive energy into your home.

Royalty – Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of royalty and it was the symbol of kings and empresses in the past. There is something special and beautiful about this flower that makes it draw attention. You can definitely gift it as a symbol of great respect to someone who deserves it.

Paradise – Bird of Paradise flower is definitely a symbol of paradise on Earth. This beautiful flower is a reminder that heaven does exist on Earth. We use this beautiful piece of nature in our homes and gardens.

Optimism – This flower is also a symbol of optimism and positive energy, especially because of its bright and bold colors and interesting shapes. It simply invites us to look at it and to simply enjoy its beauty. And when we do look at it, it really does remind us of something that has just fallen out of paradise.

9th wedding anniversary – The Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of 9th wedding anniversary and couples use it both as decoration for this ceremony or as a gift for a spouse.

Freedom – Bird of Paradise flower is also a symbol of freedom and overcoming obstacles. This beautiful flower reminds us to let go of our worries and to embark on a new adventure to some place we have never been before.

Joy – Just like optimism, this beautiful flower reminds us to always be joyful and to keep our faces smiling. No matter how hard it is right now in life, it can certainly be better and we can overcome everything if we try hard enough.

Faithfulness – Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of faithfulness and being able to stay truthful to only one person your entire life.