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Also known as a Peruvian lily or the lily of the Incas, the Alstroemeria has a rich history. The Alstroemeria flower got its name after the botanist who discovered it, Claus von Alstromer. Claus was not just a regular botanist, he was a Swedish baron who was the first person ever to notice and write about this beautiful flower sort.


Alstroemeria flower originally grows in Peru, but from there it has spread all over the globe and we were all able to enjoy its beauty since then. Because it originated in Peru, the Victorians never had the chance to include this flower to their books and flower almanacs. This was, of course, no obstacle for those who love flowers truly and who were able to find deeper symbolism in the Alstroemeria flower.

This beautiful flower is a symbol of friendship and mutual connection between two people. This flower can be a great gift for both your friends and for your partner, because it symbolizes something much stronger and much greater than just passion. This gorgeous flower is a symbol of eternal connection between two people that doesn’t have to be limited by romance. Some even believe that the Alstroemeria flower has the ability to attract new people into your life who are going to become your close friends.


Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and meaning in general, that is hidden and not always known to people. Alstroemeria is no different and there are several meanings linked to this gorgeous flower. These hidden meanings are:                                                                                                  

  • Devotion
  • Support
  • Following your dream
  • Survival
  • Friendship


  • Devotion– Another meaning behind the Alstroemeria flower is devotion. This flower can be a perfect gift to anyone you love and find to be an important part of your life.                                                                               
  • Support– Alstroemeria flower is a symbol of support, which means this is a perfect gift for someone who is going through some rough moments in life. If this person needs your love and support to go through some difficulties, this is the flower you want to gift to that person if you want to make him or her feel better.                                                                                                                              
  • Following your dreams– If you want to give someone support when this person is starting a new chapter of their life, this is the perfect flower to send exactly this message.                                                                            
  • Survival– Alstroemeria flower is also a symbol of surviving and overcoming difficulties in life. Alstroemeria reminds us to always be strong and to overcome every obstacle with our head up high and without fear of the future.                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Friendship– Alstroemeria flower is the perfect gift for a friend, but with the right flower color you can even pass this flower as a Valentine’s Day gift. But, for the most part, this gorgeous flower is going to send a friendly message to anyone you gift it to.