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The Lily

Lilies are the beloved flowers throughout all continents. They are used for their beauty of different colors and shapes. Their daintiness lends itself to gorgeous bouquets and they will decorate any room in a very special way. They grow all over the United States and Canada, as well as in most parts of Europe and Asia. Lilies love to grow in wooded areas, in soil that is somewhat acidic. They can be grown in your garden as well. You just need to adjust your soil to the lily’s preference and you will have exotic looking lilies at your hands. If you live in an apartment, you are still in luck. Lilies can be easily grown in flower pots so that you can enjoy them even if you don’t have a flower garden.


There are about 110 species of lilies in the genus lilium. This will provide you with a choice to grow different varieties of lilies if you decide to grow them in your garden. Most lilies are grown from bulbs, some of which can actually be eaten like a vegetable. Those edible lily bulbs are often harvested for sale. Lilies species look very different from one another. Each one comes in a different size or color or different pattern. These flowers have a basic look that reminds you of their species, but still every species is so different that it is hard to believe they belong to the same group. While they look so different from one another, they all grow the same way. You can propagate them by slicing the bulbs in half.


Lilies are often chosen as part of bridal bouquets and it is not surprising. They are as magnificent as they are interesting and colorful. They can be used in an arrangement with other flowers or just by themselves. Either way they are outstanding in their looks. They also look fabulous on a dining room table. Sometimes people prefer to keep them alive rather than plucking them for their pleasure in a vase. They are very decorative in a garden or an artistic arrangement around a rock garden. In a neighborhood competition of the prettiest flower garden, you will surely gain a prize with your different species of lilies. They will delight the eyes of the onlooker and gain you the reputation of a green thumb even though you need to do very little to grow these gems.


Lilies are very hardy plants. That’s because the bulb from which they grow protects them during their early growth. It is good that you can plant the bulbs early, like the previous fall. A few months later, when spring arrives, so do the little sprouts that will grow into big, wonderful lilies. You do not have to be a gardening genius nor spend hours in the garden every week to grow these lilies. They practically grow themselves once you plant them and care for them in a simple, basic manner. Get the proper information from your nursery about how to care for your lilies and you will have lilies blooming all over your yard, if that is what you want.