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The Rose                                                                                            

Everyone knows what a rose is. Everyone knows that a rose speaks the universal language of love. The rose is the most know flower all over the world. It has religious implications, such as a rose is usually associated with the Virgin Mary. Besides all of that, the rose is one of the most beautiful flowers there is. There are over one hundred species of roses in the genus Rosa. Perfumes have been extracted from roses for centuries. They are grown in every color imaginable, starting with white and ending in black. Historically, many painters were taken with the beauty of the rose and chose it as a subject in their famous paintings that can still be seen today in museums of art.



Roses are perennials and many of its species will climb a trellis. Roses do not only come in different colors, but also in many different sizes. Some roses have a heavenly scent while others have none at all. They have many thorns for their protection which makes it a bit tricky to collect them for a bouquet, for instance. Gloves and a good pair of pruning shears are essentials for the rose gardener. They will need continuous care but the results are well worth it.



There is no question that a rose is best used in a beautiful bouquet given to your loved one. They will delight the receiver and let them know how much they are appreciated. As an arrangement in a vase, roses are the top of the choice as well. As a corsage or a boutonniere, roses are on the top of the list. They are the flowers that are most in demand on certain holidays as well as individual birthdays. Other uses for roses are to add a touch of class to your landscape. Smaller roses can also be grown in flower pots especially if they are to be entered in a horticultural competition. Some Middle Eastern countries make delicious ice cream from roses. Tea is occasionally made from rose hips, as are jams and other spreads.



Roses are not as hardy as other plants and some of them require a considerable amount of care in order to thrive and be free of disease. You have to choose your location where you want to plant your roses carefully. Roses need a minimum of six hours of sunshine every day. They need to be watered regularly, about an inch or two of water a week. Roses also like to be away from drafty areas. So, find a nice, protected spot in your garden that has a good amount of morning sun. Plant roses two to three feet apart so their branches will not touch. They love room to grow and stretch. Prune the heads that died to encourage new blooms to grow. Fertilize at intervals until about eight weeks before the end of the growing season. Wild and cultured roses are both vulnerable to damage from insects and arachnids. Other diseases are also found to damage the petals and leaves of roses.